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The definition of luxury in the dictionary is …

Sumptuous or extremely comfortable living or surroundings: lives in luxury.

Something that is not essential but provides pleasure and comfort: felt entitled to a few luxuries after so much hard work.

Something that is desirable but expensive or hard to obtain or do: did not have the luxury of working in an up-to-date laboratory.
What is luxury to you? For me my true luxury is a morning walk around Assiniboine Park with my dog Gordon, a big mug of coffee, enjoying every season we have in Manitoba, Canada. To have everyone you know – hopefully – happy, safe and more importantly in good health. That is a wonderful luxury – good health. Then there is the TRAVEL LUXURY that I’ve had the very good fortune to enjoy. I call those the ‘pinch me’ moments! Where you simply cannot believe what you are seeing!
It was for me sitting in a deck chair over-looking the most amazing blue waters at the gorgeous COMO by Cocoa Island, The Maldives – where the heck am I … really?! It was for me also wandering the hallowed halls of the Imperial Palace in Delhi, India – the history – the photos – STUNNING.  It was also for me watching the unique approach to eco-farming at The Chedi Club in Ubud, Bali where baby ducklings tend to a growing rice crop as they grow and mature along with the rice.  Crazy informative, so simple yet so effective and a system that has been around for a long time!

What is your travel luxury?

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