Laurie’s Adventures

My first ‘air travel’ adventure was a flight from Calgary, Alberta to Boise, Idaho with my Dad in 1978 or 1979. There was such a wonderful and exciting process to travel from the farm, into the city, up to the airport onto the plane – the door shuts and then off you go!


Back then when you boarded the plane and sat down there was a glass of champagne (don’t tell your Mom!) and orange juice served! Your hot breakfast or dinner was served with linen, cutlery and on real dinnerware! For a farm girl this was a great adventure to be sure! To see the city of Calgary for the first time from the air! I was hooked!

My second great trip required selling my precious 4H cow to my Mom & Dad for the cost of an airline ticket to Australia in 1982! My Mom was born in Sydney, Australia as my Grandmother had married into an Australian family and a very strong relationship remained through the years between our Australian and Canadian families. Many relatives from both countries were always waiting to meet the younger generations with open arms. With great nerves and much anxiety I took off to the Land Down-under! I knew that if my Grandmother could leave Canada, as a young bride, and set sail to Australia during the war then for sure I could do the same in 1982. Her words to me back then are words I use for my sons – “you can always come home – go see the world!”

“We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us!”


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